Piano Rag(a) Time

Release date: Octobre 2012

Jazzy, World, Improvisation
AGH Productions, Believe Digital distribution

‘PIANO RAG(a) TIME’, is the second album composed by the Franco American artist, Ariane Gray Hubert.  And one of its kind that listeners will love for its beauty and novelty. Blending surprising melodies & rhythms for the Piano accompanied by the rich tradition of Indian percussions, this new album produced by the artist is beyond the routines of world music, jazz or classical.

‘PIANO RAG(a) TIME’ reflects the credo of Ariane which lies in questioning traditions and cultural identities in today’s times. Here her innovative talent has matured since her previous album.  The listeners hear a new form emerging from her piano, influenced to a great extent by the eastern approach of time in music but here instead of remaining static it explores further by treating her instrument in a magical manner.

“Some of my inspirations are a tribute to both Indian and Western traditions but ultimately music is beyond all that” says she. “My compositions like ‘Manik’, ‘Blues Trance’, ‘Catch me if You Can’ or ‘Take Five’, a tribute to Dave Brubeck in a new avatar blend my music to some eastern tunes but reinvented in my own signature.”

This album will surely catch your ears as Ariane continues to explore new areas where energy and vibrations produce a new artistic identity. Paris, 2012

℗ 2012 AGH Productions

1. Manik
2. Derviche Tourneuse
3. Catch me if You Can Part 1
4. Catch me if You Can Part 2
5. Blues Trance
6. Chorus
7. Take 5