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One of the most original and celebrated artist today, Ariane Gray Hubert is known to create music with her exclusive signature. From West to East, from New York to New Delhi, Paris to Vienna, the artist has rooted her Art in a captivating way. With her deep voice along with her piano, music, words and sounds are coming into a unique experience for a wide audience…


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Livre d'Or

“Clara, Lili, Consuelo and other Muses” by Ariane Gray Hubert

“Marvellous performance – beautiful voice. C’est magic”
Roopa and Ashish


“Your performance at Mazda hall was simply sublime and I was taken aback by your subtle vocals. My first time to see a vocalist perform these type of vocals was awesome! Lucky was I to be present.”


“You were amazing, the song Besame Mucho was mind breaking. Thank you again”
Rajesh and Swaraj Kunchur


“Words can’t express how much I enjoyed your concert. Merci Infiniment”
Frazan Kotwal


“Merci pour ce programme 100 pour cent féminin, et donné par une femme! Vive les femmes!”
Anne Marie Thuillier, directrice de l’Alliance française