We invite you to become a sponsor for our top class events, concerts, workshops and shows. We will title the sponsored event with your name and you will become a partner – patron – ambassador to Ariane Gray Hubert / Association Art Generates Harmony®.

For any event, function or cause, the artist creates special programs tailored to request requirements of the sponsors. This includes music and art as well as creating themes specific to the project. The artistic repertoire of Ariane speaks for itself.

Ariane performs actively to promote various causes worldwide, especially for environment, water, education, health and women’s issues. But this list is not restricted as the artist puts it: “ Our world today is not capable to function properly, because we are not caring properly about the world, therefore all of us have to work hands in hands”.

Many international companies, foundations and organizations request the artist to perform for exclusive events worldwide. Many governments have also collaborated with the artist for developing and reinforcing cross-cultural ties among countries.

Promoting causes and vital issues about our planet, Ariane contributes to spread awareness successfully for each of the sponsors and partners she works for.

For partnership and exclusive collaboration with the artist for a cause your organization promotes globally, do send us your request.

The artist is there to contribute to the SUCCESS OF YOUR CAUSE.

Depending on the number of concerts & sponsoring overall costing for the events can be reviewed with the organization and the sponsors.

With the support of the Government of INDIA and the Indian Embassy in Paris, Ariane GRAY HUBERT performed “IVRE D’AMOUR” with her world music ensemble at Petit Palais, Paris.

With the support of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations in India and the Ouvertement of FRANCE, Ariane GRAY HUBERT performed “DAWN TO DUSK”, a series of piano vocal solo performances in Teen Murti Bhawan (Delhi), NCPA (Mumbai), Kolkatta and Bangalore.

With the support of the Government of ROMANIA, Ariane GRAY HUBERT performed “PIANO RAG(a) TIME”, her world acclaimed Trio blending Eastern and Western traditions ; a series of vocal performances based on her songs composed in tribute to Leopold SENGHOR Commemoration Birth during Francophonie Week in collaboration with the European Delegation abroad.

With the support of the Government of BRAZIL and the TATA group, Ariane GRAY HUBERT performed “O’Brazil : Songs, Rhythms and Rhymes” , along with a special rendition of Cecilia Mereiles selected poems at India International Center ; at Brazil Embassy in India ;  at Brazil Embassy in Japan.

With the support of the Government of FRANCE, Ariane GRAY HUBERT performed her composition “LA NOTE BLEUE”, a Tribute to Frédéric CHOPIN Bicentenary Birth along with a selection of the music of the Polish composer, closing the Festival Bonjour India and opening the Festival Namaste France.

With the support of the LUFTHANSA company and the HYATT Group, Ariane GRAY HUBERT performed various highly acclaimed concerts both as solos and with her World music ensemble in international venues. Programs and details available on the site of the Artist.

With the support of UNESCO, Ariane GRAY HUBERT performed a special recital entitled ‘L’INDE DE L’EAU’ to bring awareness about WATER issues between European countries and India. Program and details available on the site of the Artist.

With the support of the TATA Group, Ariane GRAY HUBERT gave a series of successful concerts in India highlighting her music bending Indian traditions with Western music at India International Center and for several delegations in India. She performed her much acclaimed Trio ‘PIANO RAG(a) TIME’ accompanied by leading Indian percussionists as well as her solo compositions including ‘Take Five’, ‘Manik’, ‘Incantation’ and Songs.

Touring with her much acclaimed programs ‘PIANO RAG(a) TIME’ and ‘IVRE D’AMOUR’, the Franco American singer and pianist performed in prestigious halls in India for promoting cross cultural ties between Europe, India and the world. Further details on the site of the Artist.

With the support of RENAULT Group and the French Government, Ariane GRAY HUBERT performed very successfully for international audiences including solo recitals and with her world music ensemble. ‘MOODS BY TWILIGHT’, a series of solo recitals in joint collaboration with ICCR in India (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata); ‘WESTERN TALES & TAAL’ for Voice and Piano ; ‘BEYOND CLASSICAL WORLD(s)’ based on her album of the same.

With the support of the European Delegation, the Artist conducted a special workshop and concerts for the ‘FAMILY OF VOICES’, her world music Choir including 45 Indian and Western singers at the Bahai Auditorium in Delhi with the Neemrana Foundation ; solo performances entitled ‘WOMEN ACHIEVING PEACE ’ with Ariane’s highly acclaimed music and rendition of poetry on stage ; other programs in Europe. Further details and request for booking the artist on the site directly.
With the support of VINCI Group and the French Government, the Franco American singer, pianist and composer performed a series of concerts promoting cross cultural ties between Europe & India ‘at its best’. See reports sections in the Media section.


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