A Piano Solo Tribute : My Way

Release date: 2012

A Piano Solo tribute : My Way  Solo Piano 
Ariane Gray Hubert Productions, Believe Digital distribution

The turning point of a century brings about in art major changes and gives creation new dimensions. The romantic period of the nineteenth century is symbolized by the supremacy of the creator upon nature, the early twentieth century with its first world war provided artists no other option but to face dramatic change of the times.

As an artist I always felt that during chaos and disturbance there are hidden forces guiding and inspiring us to improve within our means. Why does the music of Alexander Scriabine match with the lesser known French composer Lili Boulanger? Discover it in my way. This album pays tribute to a specific period of time that is to say between 1910 and 1914 where new dimensions in sound, harmony and rhythm were reinvented in a fascinating way. In this recording I would like to emphasize another aspect of listening to a piece from a woman composer, who passed away too soon to be recognized by the world music platform: Lili Boulanger. This rare piano manuscript belonging to the Bibliothèque de Paris has a special meaning for me because here I hope this world will encourage more women to create and compose music. Paris, 2002

1. Alexander SCRIABINE
2. Deux Poèmes Op.32
3. N°1 Andante Cantabile
4. N°2 Allegro con eleganza
5. Préludes Op.11
6. Prélude n°7
7. Prélude n°8
8. Prélude n°9
10. Thème et Variations
11. Isaac ALBENIZ
12. From ‘Iberia’
13. El Albaicin
14. Claude DEBUSSY
15. Masques
16. Pour les sonorités opposées