LE PIANO ET LA VOIX D’ARIANE, Broadcast by Ariane Gray Hubert

A monthly broadcast of one hour with Ariane Gray Hubert, artist, composer, performer and storyteller, La Voix d’Ambroise PARÉ, la Radio des patients, France.

“As a creator, I have always worked to share and present Music and Arts to the less privileged in various places, alongside concert halls and centers. So I play, I sing… I tell new “bridges of well-being” through my medium for all those who, at some point in their life, need a moment of comfort, attention and positive energy, in orphanages, foster homes or in hospital.”

In this ‘Act One’ you will listen to several excerpts of the album ‘The MONSOON BLUES’, including the songs ‘To The VALLEY of KASHMIR’, ‘CONJUGUONS’ and ‘The MONSOON BLUES’, compositions by Ariane Gray Hubert as well as her depiction of portraits of various artists in this first broadcast conceived and realised by the artist.

Ariane Gray Hubert, Music, Lyrics and texts, Copyright reserved 2022

Broadcast in french