ON THE MOVE On 10 November 2017

Like all of us, I‘ve been much concerned about violence spreading without intermission in our world. In fact, there is hardly a day now when we can rejoice and unite in a happy moment all together. Internet, social networks, medias are connecting us further – but how? We are more dislocated, disrupted and distracted by all kind of messages, noises and pollutions of the mind. This is where Arts and Education must be reinforced at various levels, at home to start with, then schools, conservatories and universities, while funding further more innovative artistic programs both in cities and remote areas. Where there is life, Arts and Education should be spread for all children and communities, without any distinction.

My cross cultural programs under the umbrella ‘Art Generates Harmony’ aim to bring closer various people from the world through the rich spiritual and musical traditions from East and West. Further more, you’ll see some of my performances and other events I created recently in view of supporting special causes dear to me such as the Water preservation, the access to education for all children, Music and Health in hospitals and many more.

With your indefectible support and recommendations through out my career, I would like to thank you to be part of this collective adventure.  Please do not hesitate to send us your feedback or comment,