“Le PIANO et la VOIX D’ARIANE”, New Broadcast with Ariane Gray Hubert, Ambroise Paré Hospital

At Ambroise Paré Hospital and with La Voix d’Ambroise Paré, the Radio for Patients :
Live musical broadcast, August 18 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m, entitled: LE PIANO ET LA VOIX D’ARIANE
A magical and accomplice duet in the history of music, the singer, concert pianist and Franco-American composer, Ariane Gray Hubert, invites us to discover an unparalleled repertoire around the Piano and the Voice. This musical journey will take you through a selection of rich and rare works from around the world including the music of Ariane and on several unexpected continents.
Listen and watch “Le Piano et la Voix d’Ariane, a monthly live broadcast : to follow on channel 60 of your television, Ambroise Paré Hospital. Next session: September 15th, 2-3 pm.
About the artist, you can listen and watch some of Ariane Gray Hubert‘s music on her site at www.arianegrayhubert.com