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Press Trust Ariane Gray Hubert

PRESS TRUST OF INDIA ARIANE GRAY HUBERT Bollywood music composers have long been fascinated by piano music. But now a Franco American composer is combining piano with ghatam  and tabla to make what she calls « niche new age music for Hindi films ». « In the Hindi movies, there is a strong attraction for Piano. Whether it is the old movies […]

Mail Today Ariane Gray Hubert pays tribute to composer F. Chopin

Mail Today,  Politicians schmooze with Chopin lovers By Sangeeth Sebastian It was cross-cultural connections at their best – Frederic Chopin’s compositions played by a French artiste inspired by Indian musical greats. The occasion was a piano recital by Ariane Gray Hubert in tribute to master composer Chopin at the Embassy of France on Friday evening. […]

The Asian Age Ariane Gray Hubert

 THE ASIAN AGE,    A concert pianist, singer and composer, Ariane Gray Hubert’s story is as lyrical and musical as it gets. A French-American by descent, Ariane learnt from modern greats and developed her own style as a musician. And what sets her apart from the multitude of artistes from the West is her ability […]

The Hindu When fingers reign supreme

When fingers reign supreme THE HINDU, by Manjari Sinha The artist Ariane Gray Hubert impressed with her range the other day. Ariane took the audiences by surprise when she recited « Ganaanam Tvaa Ganapatim Hawaamahe…  » in chaste Sanskrit and the authentic style of Veda-Paath with the Udaatta, Anuddata and Swarit intonations. Presented as a tribute […]

Un nouveau swing, Festival Enghien les Bains

Piano Rag(a) Time : un nouveau swing Un spectacle audacieux ou l’artiste met sa voix en scène et détourne résolument le piano classique en innovant d’après des mélodies inspirées de l’orient et de l’occident. A écouter dans ses nouvelles compositions « Manik » et « Shalom Bombay ».

India Today Art of Rhythm by the artist Ariane Gray Hubert

India Today,  Art of Rhythm by S.Kalidas Other than in the medieval Indian ragamala miniatures, rarely do music and visual art meet. So the performance by Ariane Gray Hubert at the Habitat Center is bound to raise interest. Ariane Gray is a Franco-American pianist, composer, singer and visual artist whose collages will be displayed at the […]


Due to the pandemic, the new album by Ariane GRAY HUBERT has been postponed & will be released by end of this year. All written, composed and produced by the Artist, it includes Nine Songs, sang in rare languages including her imaginary alphabet. Ariane is dedicating her much awaited album to important causes which matter […]

The Monsoon Blues, Radio Enghien les Bains

« Happy Hour » takes you on a magical, musical journey with Franco-American musician and composer Ariane Gray Hubert, who shares extracts from her new album « The Monsoon Blues” and her thoughts about today’s times.    


ARIANE’S GOSPEL AND TILLANA, OCTOBER 2019, SUNSIDE SUNSET, PARIS On 7 September 2019 A vos carnets, iPhones et autres pour noter le prochain concert parisien d’Ariane GRAY HUBERT, chanteuse, pianiste et compositrice franco américaine aux multiples talents dans un nouveau programme musical créé en hommage à l’esprit du Gospel et la Tillana, inspirée de l’Inde […]