India Today Art of Rhythm by the artist Ariane Gray Hubert

India Today, 

Art of Rhythm by S.Kalidas

Other than in the medieval Indian ragamala miniatures, rarely do music and visual art meet. So the performance by Ariane Gray Hubert at the Habitat Center is bound to raise interest. Ariane Gray is a Franco-American pianist, composer, singer and visual artist whose collages will be displayed at the Visual Arts Gallery. An avid traveller and a trained concert pianist, she sees « sound as body, and body as sound » and has performed widely in India including at the NCPA, Mumbai, and the Music Academy, Chennai. Endeavouring to create a new niche where music meets the visual arts, her present oeuvre assimilates cultural influences from the West and India. Her latest multi-disciplinary venture combines her vision of women composers and impressions of Indian ragas with a musical sense that goes beyond the clichés of Fusion Music.

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