2022 kicks off

Dear all,

Trust this message finds you all in the best of spirit and health.

On the front of arts, culture and freedom as freedom is nothing without culture, finally we are witnessing a positive start of activities for 2022.

After all my recitals canceled last year, 2022 will kick off with two performances in Paris along with the release of my latest album  ‘The MONSOON BLUES’ in March and April.

Under the chapter ART GENERATES HARMONY, two programs including the environmental project with Ariane’s Art and Water will be developed in France and in Europe. Join us and tell us how you can contribute, promote and develop our mission in many ways.

As part of our latest actions, by purchasing the album on line entitled ‘The MONSOON BLUES’ by Ariane Gray Hubert, you will contribute also to this cause as it will be entirely donated for the same.

So be part of that positive change!

AGH Team