RFI, World Music Matters

Ariane Gray Hubert latest music and stage performance ‘Ivre D’Amour’ at Petit Palais in Paris – Festival Namaste France was just amazing. Franco-American pianist, singer and composer took her piano, ‘an alien instrument in India’,(…)

La Revue de l’Inde

La musique d’Ariane Gray Hubert ne connaît pas de frontières. L’artiste s’inspire à la fois de la tradition occidentale et des traditions musicales carnatiques, hindoustanies et sacrées de l’Inde, révélant dans son oeuvre instrumentale et(…)

Radio Enghien les Bains

With Radio Enghien les Bains “Tales and Taal of a Woman”, an interview with Ariane Gray Hubert. The French American artist describes her life in India and what made her brought literally her own piano(…)