Ariane Gray Hubert in ‘The Monsoon Blues’

Exactly three years ago I was completing the postproduction of this album in Paris along with a great team.

This spring 2022 was I finally able to perform live all my songs in real concert halls with real people for the first time.

Today I am posting the full video of the song ‘The Monsoon Blues’ :

Among Causes I defend and promote with various international organisations over times, Water is clearly one, which is essential to me. And to you and to us all.

We witnessed this summer incredible dryness in rivers, lakes and oceans, showing how the Earth is warning us to reduce our consummation.

Today we witness thanks to the folly of one man and a war declared in Ukraine that the Baltic/North Sea is suffocating with two major gas explosions, liberating massive toxins in the air and for long.

When are we going to change?

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Ariane Gray Hubert