Based on a beautiful and innovative musical repertoire, the renowned Franco American artist, Ariane Gray Hubert, has created and blended Western and Indian classical traditions in a most creative way.
Ariane gives international workshops for the youth each year in various places in Europe and abroad along with the support of cultural centers and foundations world over. She also conducts these creative sound workshops along with exclusive concerts at schools and campus, while giving special programs in hospitals and museums.
The artist conducts cross cultural workshops open to all children where her multi-creative approach to sound combined to her deep knowledge of various musical traditions are often referred as ‘one of the best innovative artistic workshops’.
The workshops will start with breathing techniques and a detailed body, vocal and instrumental set of exercices created by Ariane Gray Hubert, while the participants work on a wide range of expressions bringing up to new explorations of sound within themselves.
While presenting an introduction to various Western music traditions compared with Eastern musical traditions, Ariane Gray Hubert proposes a series of workshops for Piano and Voice such as :

• Developing the body in an stimulating way for a collective project
• Improvising and Composing
• Rhythmical, oral and instrumental skills based on Ariane Gray Hubert ‘Creative Sound Teaching’ method
• Blending world musical traditions in an innovative way.
These creative sound workshops highlight a cross over dialogue between the children of all age groups and several nationalities.

It will also inspire and guide them through the ‘Creative Sound Training’ created by Ariane Gray Hubert to feel and imbibe in an harmonious way what are the impact of music and sound in the daily life.

Further details about each workshop, calendar, time durations, fees and logistics to be sent under request.