Based on a captivating artistic repertoire, the French American artist has created and blended Western and Eastern traditions in an unique way.

Ariane Gray Hubert conducts special workshops for children and communities at large each year along with the support of international foundations. She conducts her method entitled ‘Creative Sound Training’ with performances at schools, conservatoires and campus, while sharing programs in hospitals, orphanages and elderly homes.

The artist offers cross cultural workshops open to all where her multi-creative approach to sound combined to her  knowledge of various world music traditions are often referred as ‘one of the best innovative artistic programs’. These workshops start with breathing techniques combined to a set of detailed vocal and body topics designed by Ariane. The participants work on a wide range of skills bringing up to a new exploration of sounds within themselves.
She proposes various workshops such as :

• Developing body and voice in an stimulating way for an artistic collective project
• Improvising, Performing, Composing : That’s for You !
• Blending music traditions in a dynamic, fun way.
These creative workshops highlight dialogues between children, youngsters and adults of various age groups and nationalities.

The ‘Creative Sound Training’ created by Ariane aims to inspire participants to feel and imbibe in an harmonious way what are the energies of sound and music into their lives.

Further details about workshops, calendar and dates for 2019-2020, time duration for one program, fees and logistics to be sent under request.

List of workshops conducted in collaboration with various partners such as : Ville de Paris, section Enfance et Jeunesse ;  le Groupe de réflexion Agora, France, section Art, Sciences et Thérapie ; Conservatoires de Musique, France ; Fondation Rothschild, for the Hôpitaux Publics in Paris ; The French Lycée and Wien Universität, Austria ; The Habitat Center, New Delhi, India ; the Music Academy, Chennai ; the Academy of Music, Estonia to name a few.