“My music is a blend between several traditions, various spiritualties and finally my music is one.

I also feel that my music is a call for those who wish to reflect upon time, who wish to take time by listening to music and also who are bare foot…meaning this is a call for people who like to be connected with the Earth.

Ultimately my music is combining various vibrations, energies and rhythms in a playful yet engaging way. So this is where I am with my voice, my piano and my Art.”

Ariane Gray Hubert

A singer with a deep mezzo – alto voice, a pianist and composer, Ariane Gray Hubert is a much-acclaimed artist.She delights audiences and critics world over with her performances, be it vocal and piano solos to orchestra blending rare traditions of the world – that’s her music.Her latest and much awaited album ‘THE MONSOON BLUES’ will be launched this Fall 2020 and is a collection of new Songs for Voice and Piano, presenting her lyrics in rare languages including her imaginary alphabet.

Born in Paris, Franco American, the artist started her musical journey at the age of four, largely influenced by her New Yorker mother and painter, Tamara Gray. The initial training Ariane received ranged from the renowned Russian and French piano traditions.She sings and composes Sacred Chants, Gospel to Blues, to the oral traditions of the East. Her singing and playing along with her versatility in improvisation are her exclusive signature.

The artist performs for major international festivals such as Radio France, France Musique, Musée d’Orsay, Unesco, the Vatican, Paris L’Archipel, Centre des Arts Enghien les Bains, the European Delegation in India for the 50th European Treaty, the Instituts Français (Austria, Germany, Italy, Baltic countries, India to name a few). Ariane Gray Hubert performs for leading foundations and humanitarian causes worldwide that are of great concern to her including the Water preservation with Unesco, Save The Tiger in India, the Bahai community and the access to education for the Girl Child in the world.

In India, the artist enjoys a special connection with the people and their traditions. Her performances received high accolades from a wide range of music lovers and fans at the Music Academy in Chennai, NCPA in Mumbai, Teen Murti Bhavan, the Habitat Center, the Bahaï Lotus Temple in New Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore, Pune to name a few. In collaboration with the Brazilian government and the Tata company in India, she created a series of performances entitled “O Brazil: Rhythms, Rhymes and Songs” highlighting a rare repertoire for voice and piano about women composers and poetess from Brazil. She gave a special concert entitled “Piano Rag(a) Time” for the maison de haute couture Lecoanet Hemant at the historical Palace Bikaner House in New Delhi.

In Paris, her much acclaimed show “Ivre D’Amour” was launched at the prestigious festival ‘Namaste France’ at Petit Palais. In Tokyo, she gave her first solo tour with her songs inspired by the poetry of Cecilia Mereiles in collaboration with the Brazilian government in Japan. Her shows blending music, poetry and theater on stage entitled «Clara, Lili, Consuelo and others muses» received major accolades. End of 2019, “Ariane Gospel’s and Tillana” show marked another successful collaboration between the artist and the Jazz Club, Sunset Sunside, where the artist played her latest repertoire accompanied by world music percussions.

As a composer, Ariane Gray Hubert has received several international awards and composed music for various productions, such as the music for the ballet “When The Gods Meet” for the renowned dancer, Dr Sonal Mansingh.

In 2020 she was nominated as a Jury of the International Film Festival of India in Aurangabad where she presented the International Award to the renowned film director Costa-Gavras.

Taking time off from her busy schedule, Ariane Gray Hubert conducts special programs for children and patients in hospitals with the Foundation Culture et Hôpital. Ariane’s creativity is also seen in her catalogue of Art Collages, which have been exhibited in art galleries in Austria, France and India.

Twice she was awarded the prestigious “Laureate Lavoisier” by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs for her music in Austria and India. The Romanian government honored her with the Award for the Best Promoter in Music at the 60th Indo-Romanian Relations. She is affiliated to Sacem in France.