Find out more about every artistic production of ARIANE, past and present.

One of the most original and celebrated artist today, Ariane Gray Hubert is known to create and fuse music with her exclusive signature. From West to East, from New York to New Delhi, Paris to Vienna, the artist has rooted her Art through the world music of hers, blending ancient vibrations to catchy melodies and rhythms in her own style. Under her fingers and with her expressive voice, sounds are coming into a unique experience for a wide audience. Sharing her vast repertoire through the rich mediums of music, songs, story sound telling and visual arts, here are her current productions.

Ariane sings the blues

Ariane Gray Hubert brings out with her rich mezzo voice the infinite nuances of a blues, be it old Afro American gospels and blues, Billy Holiday’s standards to her own songs including ‘Just one of these foggy days’, ‘The Book of Ruth’ and other inspiring compositions. Accompanying herself on piano, sometimes singing with an acoustic guitar and just a bass, this new production is for all music lovers of jazz, blues and gospel.

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