Find out more about every artistic production of ARIANE, past and present.

One of the most original and celebrated artist today, Ariane is known to create music with her exclusive signature. From West to East, from New York to New Delhi, Paris to Vienna, the artist has rooted her Art through the world music of hers, blending ancient vibrations to contemporary rhythms and melodies in her style. Under her fingers and inspiring voice, body and sound come into a unique experience for a wide spectrum of audience. Sharing her vast repertoire through the rich mediums of music, story sound telling and visual arts, here are her current productions.

Piano Rag(a) Time

Ariane presents an innovative musical performance that reflects her journey crossing Eastern and Western traditions in a captivating way.

PIANO RAG(a) TIME goes well beyond the classical worlds of world music, jazz and classical. But don’t expect to hear ragas duplicated on her piano nor hearing a song in a familiar way. Starting from sacred chants to modern compositions where melody, rhythm and polyphony respond in a lively tempo, the program composed by Ariane is inspired both by Eastern traditions to Western tunes. From her catchy, jazzy compositions like Manik to Take Five inspired by the jazz legend Dave Brubeck, her Bolero in tribute to French composer, Maurice Ravel, to her breathtaking songs, the artist delivers a great show.

Format : Solo

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Ariane sings the blues

There can’t be more melancholy and ‘vague à l’âme’ in a blues says the Franco American artist in this theatrical and musical show.

Portraying various characters with intensity on stage, Ariane depicts and brings out with her rich mezzo voice the infinite nuances of a blues, be it with old African American blues, Billy Holiday poignant tunes to Ariane’s latest songs including Just one of these Foggy Days, The Book of Ruth and The Monsoon Blues’ Accompanying herself on piano, sometimes just singing with an acoustic guitar, this new production is for all music lovers of jazz, blues and gospel.

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