Music and Healing, a Symphony of Sounds & Art – Collages

Paris, 29/05/2019, Recital for the Fondation Culture et Hôpital, under the patronage of Ministère de la Culture, Mairie de Paris & Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris. Maison des Grands Résistants de France, Boulogne Billancourt.

Colors and forms have had a great influence into my life. I always look at faces, silhouettes in a landscape, the public sitting in front of me in concert halls, shadows reflecting on stain-glasses… all as familiar as musical notes on a score I compose. The best companions I hold during a tour ? My charcoals, gouaches apart of special, tiny scissors brought back from Japan for my Art- Collages, and my camera of course..! I use these mediums together in live performances in hospitals, health care centres and orphanages to invite every one to embrace sound and vision in a healing process, where the heart, body and spirit relax deeper and calm down. Inviting each person, patients, elderly people, children to speak about what they feel during this process, it is a journey where we all share a common ground : the search for joy and unity.

Enjoy and to be continued with you elsewhere,

Ariane Gray Hubert

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