Crossing paths, crossing cultures

When I started my journey in India almost two decades ago, I sat down with various artists, creating a new path for my music over time . Little did I know that this journey would take me to come across so many traditions all over that colourful continent. Little did I guess by then that diversity and unity were but just one in my hands.

From all my tours world over I’ve been always alert by the fact that arts and culture flourish only when a country and its people give respect to both. Crossing the borders of the melodious valley of Kashmir to New Delhi, to Kolkatta where every tune matches an exquisite poetry to Cochin where I discovered the choirs of the Bene of Israel, then Mumbai and Pune where good grand pianos happen to exist (!), and last but not least, to the sacro saint Carnatic Music Academy of Chennai where I performed with a fabulous team of percussionists, my journey has been a crossing path of various cultures. Yet becoming one by embracing such diversity into my life, I feel the best gift we can give to each other is to make other cultures and identities as part of ours. Crossing paths, crossing cultures are a part of our growing process to evolve as better citizens of that world. By the way, it can’t be reached on Facebook and other social tools. We need to slow down and take time to explore better avenues within ourselves.

Crossing paths, crossing cultures : let us know about your stories here,