About the International Association ART GENERATES HARMONY®

An international and charitable non profit association based in Paris, France, under French law 1901, “ART GENERATES HARMONY” promotes innovative transcultural artistic programs between Eastern countries including India, Asia and Middle East countries with European countries or associated with the European Union under the quality-label “AGH” or “Art Generates Harmony”®.

The summary of these actions is:

– To reinforce Education towards Childrenthrough an Art program on line where we give the children opportunities to create a positive way of thinking and to learnfrom each other, through Ariane Gray Hubert’s” Songs & Tales of Home”

– To improve mental and physical health issues for victims of wars with the Artist’s “Sound Body Healing” workshop

– To develop further the work towards WATER issues done by the Artistwith Unesco and other partners world over

– To generate better dialogues between communities of various spiritualties with the music created by the Artist& her World Ensemble in public and worship places.

In the past, ART GENERATES HARMONY® has launched successful programs with several governments and in various countries including Europe, Asia and India. Further details can be seen on the artist’s site.


To contribute, help and develop our mission in achieving several projects, we rely on the good willing and generous support of private donors and organizations.



You can help promote the Art of Ariane Gray Hubert by organizing any special event, function or cause, where the artist creates special programs tailored to the requirements of the sponsors. This includes music and compositions as well as creating themes specific to your project.

You can help volunteer and facilitate the settings and implement of one of the programs directed by Ariane Gray Hubert & her World Ensemble in your city, schools, cultural institutions and concert halls to start with.

By connecting with us, we’ll develop together an exclusive partnership, which will be of mutual benefit to you, to us and to audiences, communities at large.


Whether you are an individual or an organization, whether you are based in EUROPE, USA, INDIA or any other continent, there are many ways to support the activities of our organization.

Donations made to ART GENERATES HARMONY are deductible of taxes in the case of you as an individual or your company pays taxes in France.

For an individual, the income tax reduction amounts to 66% of the amount paid, within the limit of 20% of taxable income (carried over to five years if this ceiling is exceeded) .

For a company, this reduction amounts to 60% of the amount paid, within the limit of 5‰ of the turnover (carried over over five years if this ceiling is exceeded).

Receipts are sent by email as a PDF file to be printed. Don’t forget to provide us with an email address if you wish to receive a tax receipt.


By joining you’ll be of great value to help us developing ART GENERATES HARMONY®.

To become a member :




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To become a member the annual fees are :

– 25 € for student (under 25 years old) ;

– 40 € for adult ;

– 500 € for life time member.

We will keep you up to date on a regular basis about the future programs in the edition 2021- 2022.