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“Clara, Lili, Consuelo and other Muses”, a program around women composers world over by Ariane Gray Hubert, Pune, Maharashtra

"Marvellous performance - beautiful voice. C’est magic” Roopa and Ashish

“Your performance at Mazda hall was simply sublime and I was taken aback by your subtle vocals. My first time to see a vocalist perform these type of vocals was awesome! Lucky was I to be present.” Sagar

“You were amazing, the song Besame Mucho was mind breaking. Thank you again” Rajesh and Swaraj Kunchur

“Words can’t express how much I enjoyed your concert. Merci Infiniment” Frazan Kotwal

“Merci pour ce programme 100 pour cent féminin, et donné par une femme! Vive les femmes!” Anne Marie Thuillier, directrice de l’Alliance française

In Tribute to the "Role of Women Achieving Peace" worldwide, a series of recitals by Ariane Gray Hubert

"What an enthralling concert! We absolutely enjoyed it. We hardly ever get a chance to listen to this kind of music in India." Rahul Chaabra, Joint Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, India

"What a majestic setting for your Art!", David Dror, Switzerland

"Beautiful and spiritually uplifting", Sudha Parasa

"ARIANE GRAY ROCKS !! (PIANOZ) ", Akshay Krishna Dev

"Thank you for such beautiful and inspiring performance. Your music has a blend of eastern influence, different from what we hear from others. Please, come again with new program", Natalie K. Romanoff, Russia

"Wonderful art and amazing music....", Shahed Shakat

"Amazingly sensitive ! ", Jo Laraiya

'O Brazil : Songs, Rhythms and Rhymes' A Tribute by Ariane Gray Hubert, Vocal & Piano, in collaboration with the Brazil Embassy and the Tata Group in India

« Both the concerts and the reading of poems were performed by the Franco-American artist Ariane Gray Hubert, who has been awarded various international prizes. All pieces were performed with enthusiasm and sensibility, reflecting the artist's creativity, as well as her connection with and fondness of Brazilian music and literature. Her personal involvement established a positive connection with the audiences, to whom she brought a little-known part of Brazilian music and culture. Mrs. Hubert also played some of her own compositions, including "Fraternité", and "Dance sensuelle de l'Amazonie".. all her music as well as her singing and reciting being highly appreciated ».

H.E Carlos Duarte, Ambassador of Brazil to India

« I was there at the concert last night and must congratulate you for a very impressive performance. », Dr Reba Som, classical indian singer and writer

« The feedbacks we have received were very positive and we were really pleased to bring to Delhi a bit of Brazilian music and some of the beauty of Meireles's poems through your touching interpretation. Merci beaucoup! »

Ana Paula Kobe

« I have had the privilege of attending the concerts performed by Ms Ariane Gray Hubert, Concert Pianist, Singer & Composer, on more than one occasion. The last such occasion was in February 2015 when she performed at the India International Centre, organized by the Embassy of Brazil. As always, it was a delightful performance of Piano, Vocal and rendition of poems and very soul soothing. Her ability to adapt to different cultures and different languages and blend her music to the delight of listeners is amazing. My Heartiest Congratulations to her!! » J. Rajagopalan

« Nous avons beaucoup aimé votre musique, laquelle nous a frappé par ses envols lyriques et son inspiration. »

H.E Raùl Guastavino, Ambassadeur de la République argentine

'PIANO VOCAL RECITAL 88 KEYS IMPROVISED » a series of récitals in France by Ariane Gray Hubert, Concert pianist, singer and composer

"Magnifique et quelle densité", Yannick et Hugues Dublineau

"Vous remerciant pour ce merveilleux récital, visage du monde, vous êtes une excellente ambassadrice du monde de la culture universelle", D. Grammatopoulos

"Thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed your music and admire the way you've brought your cultures as well as the universality of music together. So beautiful and evocative", M. Brothers

"A great spiritual journey", P. Puri

"The musical notes and vocal performed and composed by Ariane lifted the spirits of all listeners ! ", J. Bhasker

"Tout est grâce, toucher, rythmes, sensualité et forces. Difficile de s'y arracher une fois le concert achevé", Véronique Gastin

"Rippling and ephemeral, Beautiful !", D. Cogan

"Such a memorable and lovely performance. Merci beaucoup", K. Bhatt

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